Krista Griffith, candidate for State Representative for the 12th District of Delaware.Krista Griffith is a parent, attorney and advocate who has dedicated her career to protecting Delaware residents and improving the lives of people of all ages. Her work has helped ensure that Delawareans, including the most vulnerable, have access to economic and educational opportunity as well as equitable treatment by the justice system.

Krista served for nearly a decade as a Deputy Attorney General in the Delaware Department of Justice under the administrations of Beau Biden and Matt Denn. As a leader, Krista prosecuted the most serious and sensitive criminal cases, developed policy and drafted legislation.

Krista spearheaded Attorney General Biden’s Senior Protection Initiative. As chief prosecutor on significant elder abuse cases, Krista also led a multi-disciplinary team of prosecutors, police, social workers and medical professionals in creating programs to protect seniors and vulnerable adults.

Krista also served as Assistant Unit Head of the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Units, where she successfully prosecuted hundreds of cases involving crimes committed against children, women, men and families.

Krista knows first-hand the healthcare challenges confronting Delaware families. When her younger son, Nate, faced a life-threatening leukemia diagnosis, Krista left the Department of Justice in 2015. She spent months at Nate’s bedside while he underwent successful cancer treatment.

Since her son’s recovery, Krista has dedicated hundreds of hours to board leadership and community service for several nonprofit organizations including the Down Syndrome Association of Delaware, the Family Advisory Council for Nemours Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders, the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children and her sons’ schools.

Krista holds degrees from the University of New Hampshire in Durham, N.H. and Suffolk University Law School in Boston.

A resident of Fairfax, Krista and her husband, Ted, have lived in the 12th District for more than a dozen years. They have two sons, Sam, 9, and Nate, 3.