We won the primary! Now it’s on to November!

Dear Friends,

We did it! Thank you so very much for your generosity of time and support. Because of you, our campaign won the Democratic Primary Election yesterday. Your votes, the hours you spent volunteering, your financial contributions and your well wishes from near and far created our success yesterday at the polls. Temperatures soaring past 90 did not scare away volunteers who stood for hours outside of the polls. Nor did the heat deter voters. I am deeply grateful for your support and so very excited to watch our campaign bring new leadership to the 12th District.

I also want to express my appreciation and admiration for Rachel Blumenfeld. Rachel ran a strong, issue-focused campaign, and she and her team worked long and hard. Rachel is driven and cares deeply about many shared issues from education to the environment. She is an incredible asset to the community and as others have said, her students are lucky to have her as a teacher. On Primary Day we came together to share some moments of warmth and camaraderie, not as opponents but as neighbors who both believe deeply this is the year to unseat a 24-year incumbent Republican.

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Tomorrow morning, we’ll be back to work, uplifted with an incredible momentum that has been created by supporters such as you.

Thank you so very much for this wonderful success. We look forward to an even greater victory in the November 6 General Election.